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Coinflow Documentation

Coinflow is the payment stack for Web3 companies. Coinflow lets companies accept traditional fiat payment methods such as credit cards and ACH, and deliver crypto assets (NFT or fungible tokens) to customers frictionlessly. Additionally, Coinflow has an off-ramp that lets companies payout to customers’s traditional bank accounts.

Coinflow is used by games/gaming studios, wallets, and other Web3 products onboarding non-crypto native customers. We let you offer traditional payment flows by handling all the smart contract communication infrastructure for you.

Accept credit card payments on-chain

Everyone has credit cards, so allow your users to pay with them. Accept payment for goods and services instantly with Coinflow.

Reduce onboarding friction

Users want to give you money - why make it difficult? With Coinflow, user's don't have to jump through hoops or leave your application to pay for your products

Near-zero minimum spend

Most onramp solutions require a minimum payment, sometimes as high as $30 to start using your app. With Coinflow, users can start with as little as $0.50 cents to get started.